Rules for Infographics ideas adapted for education purposes from

Amy Balliett's The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design

Comments from Nathan Yau's post of The Don'ts of Infographic Design

  1. Do make Data and information the most important, how it looks is second

  2. Do label the infographic with a title that communicates the conclusion of the chart

  3. Do show the information succinctly and clearly

  4. Do Show don't Tell...less text more visuals

  5. Do use symbols that your audience will recognise

  6. Do make Graphs interesting, use pictures and symbols where possible (Pictographs and Pie Graphs are great)

  7. Do avoid creating complex 'Keys' for your graphs

  8. Do choose the right eye catching font

  9. Do 'Tell' the story by organising your content to have a flow down the page (Storyboard it)

  10. Do Tell the story by having an Introduction (Problem)....Middle (information or sequence of events)...Conclusion (Inferences, opinions, new ideas that have come from the information)

  11. Do choose Colours carefully, avoid white backgrounds, use 3 main colours only and shades of them to highlight parts of your infographic

  12. Do cite your sources

  13. Do consider the audience you are making the infographic for

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